Cosmic Godess

Spirituality is very important to me. This goddess just appeared to me when I started the 2019 journal. I don’t know what I should call her or even if she needs a name, but I feel like she is mirroring my inner self.
I am as crazy as the space behind her but trying to be calm and meditate every day, to find balance. Meditation is something I want to incorporate into my everyday life. It’s hard at the beginning, but I believe that if you want something, then you have to work for it ☺️ As Yogi Bhajan has said ”The greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come” 🙏

Neon Lights

For the longest time, I wanted to draw something like this. Neon lights have something so mysterious about them. Takes me to someplace else… Love playing with colors.

Fairies like to dance

Well this picture just came out of nowhere 😂 I was just messing around with green pencil on black canvas… Fairies it is then 😀🧚🏻‍♀️

Alone in space

29 of January I decided to draw space, mystical clouds, stars, and bright colors. I had a clear idea in my head what I wanted…aaand I chickened out, afraid and not believing in myself… So here I am, today is November and the picture is ready. For almost a year this bright-colored space stood behind my fears, all alone waiting for me to get over myself 😀

I’m so utterly happy that I finally got myself together and finished my initial idea of this picture. Sometimes good things just take time, be courageous and never give up on yourself!

No words

I’m thinking and thinking what to say, but must we always use words…Instead, let this picture speak to you…